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tv   Today  NBC  January 19, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we're back today on a thursday morning, january 19th, 2012. brisk here in the new york area. we have bright skies and our temperatures should get up there to about 25. >> we're in the 20s this morning. >> no reason to complain. inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer, along with ann curry and savannah guthrie. just ahead, we go live to italy for more on the cruise ship disaster where divers resume the search for 21 passengers still missing and the captain is now saying he didn't abandon the "costa concordia," instead, he tripped and fell into a life boat. we'll have more on the story, coming up. >> then we're going to turn to another subject, which has a lot of people of course talking, which is about lose to weight.
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lactose-intolerant. it's a big subject because it's after the beginning of the year and people have been dieting and working out. so joy's got her diet s.o.s., timely, this morning. >> and we've seen all the commercials, whether they're offering miles, low interest rates, low balance transfers, it can be confusing to pick the right credit card. how you can make the best choice. and if you want to look like the stars at the golden globes, and who doesn't, we'll show you how to do it even if you don't have any movie star-sized salary. help you recreate those pretty looks on a budget. >> i've always wanted to look like salma hayek. and she's wearing that beautiful deco dress. let's move on to the day's top stories from natalie morales at the news desk. >> divers went back into the waters off the coast of italy, searching for remaining 21 victims of last week's cruise ship disaster. meantime, new outrage this morning over reported comments by the captain.
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nbc's michelle kosinski is in italy with the latest. michelle, good morning. >> hi, natalie. every time the ship moves, divers have to back away. day after day, with time lost, it's just generated more anger globally against the captain. this morning, police say they want to talk to a young maldovan woman who may have been spending time with him and may have been on the ship's bridge when it crashed. he's being called the most hated man in italy. concordia captain, francesco shettino. who ended up off that ship, well before the desperate passengers. in a phone conversation friday with a furious port authority officer, shettino insists he did not abandon ship. the ship listed abruptly and we were thrown into the water. well, now reportedly, he has told prosecutors he tripped and fell into a life boat. so comes vilification, in the
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papers, online, even t-shirts quoting the officer yelling at shettino, to get back on board. but other voice on the line is the port authority's captain, gregorio falko, being called a hero. he says this is the first time ever they had launched a rescue before the ship had asked for it. the first time they say they've seen a captain leave his ship this way. >> a part of breaking the law is a moral question. >> in this video of shettino welcoming passengers on what's believed to be this cruise. he wishes them what he hopes is an unforgettable journey. industry analysts using satellite data say shettino took a virtually identical route during a festival in august. a course, they say, was authorized and charted by the cruise line and the coast guard. >> must have come perilously close. i mean possibly within touching distance. >> now, this is what the
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concordia looks like visible even from space. new video has emerged from the depths of the once-grand ship. full of murky water, lit only by search lights. the first identity of a victim has been released, hungarian violinist shandr fahar, who helped other people leave and went back for his violin. the families of those still missing, are photos hung in town, must wait. >> i'm looking for my brother. >> wesle rubello, a waiter from india. his brother said last seen assisting passengers towards life boats. >> i'm very proud of him. and i'm still hopeful. anything could happen, you know. >> parent company carnival says it's committed to helping everyone affected by this, providing travel, counseling, refunds and also says it will address everyone's loss of
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property on board. natalie? >> michelle kosinski in giglio, italy this morning. with south carolina's primary just two days away, new results from iowa this morning show that mitt romney was actually edged out by rick santorum in the republican caucuses by 34 votes. but no winner will be declared because some votes are still missing. meantime, an nbc news/marist poll shows newt gingrich pulling close to romney ahead of saturday's south carolina prime. and this morning gingrich told ann why shoeters should choose him. >> south carolina conservatives if they want to stop a massachusetts moderate only have one effective vote for newt gingrich. that's a mathematical reality, given the polling. >> the republicans face off in another debate tonight in south carolina. meantime, president obama is getting a jump start on the republican candidates with a stop in florida today. he's heading to disney world where he's pitching his plan for boosting tourism in the sunshine state. new weather concerns this morning out west, more ice, snow
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and heavy rain are expected in parts of washington and oregon and milder temperatures over the next two days could cause flooding there. on wednesday, seattle avoided a major winter wallop, but still saw nearly seven inches of snow and icy-covered roads are expected to be a problem for drivers again this morning. more than 40,000 people in tacoma and seattle lost power. meantime, coastal oregon got battered with a 100-mile-per-hour winds. and a brush fire north of orlando is threatening homes and wildlife. this 400-pound black bear that had his paws severely burned was captured crawling out of the smoky brush to safer ground. the bear is being treated by wildlife officials. it's now six minutes after the hour. let's turn it back to matt, ann and savannah. >> mr. roker? >> well we're going to see more rough weather for our friends in the pacific northwest. fortunately not as bad as the last 48 hours, but still significant.
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with heavy rain and there's probably going to be flooding and significant damage there. and we're also looking for a weak clipper bringing showers, snowshowers across the great lakes. windy conditions, maybe one to three inches of snow generally. stretching from chicago on into cleveland and parts of the eastern great lakes. we've also going to be seeing plenty of sunshine from the southwest all the way down into texas. plenty of sunshine also down into the gulf coast. mid-atlantic states. we will see a secondary system coming across. that will bring more significant snow as we get into the next 48 to 72 hours, on into saturday morning, from new york to boston, all the way back into cleveland. we could see anywhere from three to six inches of snow as you get into the mid-atlantic states. there could be a little bit of an icy mix as well.s>> good mor. it is state dry with no snow or ice. there could be some snow flurries overnight.
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. 245s that's your latest weather. natalie? al, thank you this morning on joy's diet sos, the answers to your daily diet dilemmas, joy bauer is here to discuss everything from keeping the pounds off to preparing healthy meals ahead of time. joy, good morning. once again, a lot of great questions from viewers. let's get to them. from angela in murraysville, pennsylvania, she's joining us via skype. good morning, angela. what's your question for joy? >> good morning. i'm lactose intolerant. so i tend to avoid dairy products. and i was wondering which foods besides dairy should i be eating to make sure i'm getting enough calcium. >> great question and you have a lot of options. on the milk froth, you can try
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lactose-free milk and basically that's cow's milk in which the milk sugar, lactose, has been predigested, it should be fine for you. and you can enjoy calcium-fortified soy milk, you get the same shot of calcium. and most people don't realize that hard cheeses like cheddar, swiss, monterrey jack are super low in lactose and people with lactose intolerance can enjoy them and tolerate them fine. on the nondairy front you have a lot of options, collard greens and kale, broccoli, almonds, edamame. and white beans and tofu comes packed with calcium. it's not just about chugging milk and eating yogurt. >> thank you, angela, great question. our next question is coming from virginia. who is on the phone in quincy,
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massachusetts. good morning, virginia. what's your question for joy? >> caller: good morning. i recently hit my goal of losing 15 pounds. now that i've hit my target weight, i have no clue how to maintain my weight. i don't want to gain it all back and i don't want to lose any more, what do i do now? >> congratulations you are officially a successful loser. and i agree, it is super tricky to transition to weight maintenance. this is what has worked for a lot of people that i know. follow the exact same strict plan that enabled you to lose the weight in the first place, now you're going to add two sort of nondiet splurge foods each week. maybe it's some sort of mouth-watering restaurant entree, or a yummy dessert with your kids or friends. the key is to hop on the scale each and every week. and make sure that weight stays put. if it goes up a few pounds, simply cut out one of the plurj foods, instead of two each week, you go to one. and big words of wisdom, exercise every day. because we know through studies
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that people that lose weight and keep it off, make exercise a daily religion. and walking counts, any way you work it in, you can go for it. >> exercise, exercise. >> well done. next a viewer email from tracy in oklahoma. she writes, can you please suggest a beginner dvd for yoga? >> great question. instead of calling out a specific dvd, because everybody has their own personal style. some people like a lot of instruction, somchai tongsawat people wish the instructor would stop yapping. i'm going to tell her a perfect website, it's they have a huge assortment, beginner, inimmediate and advanced. you're allowed to watch clips of the dvds without an obligation to buy it. and they're also reviewed. and a viewer email from becky in michigan.
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she writes i'm a full time nursing student and i work full time. what are some healthy meals i can make ahead and freeze. i don't want to waste money and time freezing food that goes to mush or just tastes horrible. >> this is a fair, smart question. from personal experience, because i do this all the time, healthy meals that work well in terms of taste and texture when you reheat, chilies, whether it's a lentil, a turkey or a bean chili. burgers, vegetable burgers, turkey burgers, and chicken burgers, and you cook them and wrap them tightly. take any healthy meatloaf recipe, instead of cooking it in a loaf, cook it in a muffin tin and pop them in the freezer. and hearty soups, leave out any pasta or leafy greens, such as spinach, it will be mushy when you repeat. instead you put it in after when you thaw it. and lasagnas work terrific. you want to layer the
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ingredients uncooked. tightly wrap it and freeze it and thaw and cook it as usual when you decide that you're going to enjoy it. i have a great spinach recipe for her, spinach lasagna, i'll put it on facebook and twitter. >> joy bauer, thank you so much. if you need help with your diet, go to to join joy's 25,000-pound weight loss challenge. coming up next, ready, set, charge it. a look at last year's, the year's best credit cards. and then a little later on, red carpet fashion for less. how you can dress like the stars at the golden globes without spending a fortune. but first, these messages. [ male announcer ] how smart can a smartphone be? well this one knows the meaning of life. oh, what's the meaning of life you ask? keep your friends close... and the way to discover the best balsamic strawberry ice cream even closer. [ car speeding off ] introducing the nokia lumia 710 the smarter smartphone that connects you to the amazing everyday.
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energy to get you going, fiber to help fill you up and help keep your heart healthy. super people eat super grains. this morning on today's consumers, the best credit cards for 2012. if you're get bombarded with offers and don't know which one to choose, our pal, vera gibbons can help you. she's an msnbc financial analyst. you watch the commercials, endless varieties and possibility possibilities. so is now a good time, to think about getting a credit card? >> i think so. this is the time of year when people look to streamline their expenses, cut their expenses. as you point out, we are bombarded with offers. if you look at applications we've seen an uptick, the highest level since before the recession. so it is a good time to look for a new card. there are plenty of great offers, but you have to consider your spending habits, how disciplined you are and size the offers up. >> let's say okay you see a new card, want to do a balance
9:17 am
transfer. what's your best bet when it comes to credit cards? >> a lot of good offers on the balance transfer. 0% for a nice extended period of time. something to consider if you're sure you can pay down the balance during the introductory period. otherwise you're going to be subject to the rate of 14%, maybe 15%. and the balance transfer fee, which may be 3% of the balance. so it is a bit of a numbers game. but there's a bunch of decent cards on the market. ? when they talk about 0% offers. >> citi plat number select, 0% for 21 months on your balance transfer. and on new purchases. which could be a little bit dangerous. that's almost two years of no interest. >> chase has a good card, too, the late card. you get 0% for up to 15 months and there's no balance transfer fee, which is somewhat unusual. and discover has a similar offer. 0% for 12 months. no balance transfer fee.
9:18 am
which is unusual. because usually 3 or 4% of the balance. >> ongoing low interest cards. >> there's a bunch of good ones out there, too. simmons has a decent visa. 7.25%. very good. iberia bank, 7.5%. this is about half of the national average rate right now. so these are significant offers. of course you have to have very good credit to qualify for these. >> well if you have bad credit, can you still have a card? >> not if your score is going to be below 640. you're going to be out of the market. in which case you may look at a secured card, to make your deposit, orchard has a decent card, 7.99% apr, minimum deposit of $200. most importantly, this card supports the three major credit bureau, which is critical. because if you're trying to repair your damaged credit, you need that reporting. >> a lot of flashy offers, airline travel. cash back. what's the deal? >> well if these are the rewards
9:19 am
cards, you're getting something back. these are for disciplined users, people who pay off their balance in full every month. not late, decent customers, very good credit. sapphire has a very good card right now, the sapphire preferred card from chase. you're getting the nice 50,000 bonus points for signing up if you spend $3,000 in the first three months. that's what we're seeing a lot of bonus points in addition to the rewards. you've also got a lot of other decent, decent offers, like the travel rewards card. from citi, which is 10,000 bonus points just for signing up if you spend $3,000 in the first three months. >> vera gibbons, good advice, we'll put all the information on our website. >> it's a lot. >> thanks so much. still ahead, getting hot in the kitchen. anthony bourdain slamming fellow celebrity chef, paula deen for promoting a diabetes medication after revealing she's got type ii diabetes. find out the surprises he has. you should also get it for free.
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as you've been hearing, there's been some fallout over paula deen's announcement here on the "today show" that she's got type ii diabetes, a diagnosis she learned three years ago. >> it sparked quite a reaction. one fellow chef is so outraged he's turning it into a foodie fight. saf that has more. >> paula deen is one of the most popular cooks on tv. now another celebrity chef had some choice words for the queen of southern cooking after her surprise announcement. >> i'm going to wrap it in bacon and we're going to deep fry it. >> she's the unabashed queen of finger-looking high-calorie southern cooking and her secret is out. tuesday on "today," paula deen told al about something she's been keeping quiet for three years. >> i'm in a regular physical exam with my doctor, that i had type ii diabetes. and i'm here today, to let the world know, that it is not a death sentence. i'm working along with a very
9:23 am
reputable pharmaceutical company. >> the company is novembo nordi a company that produces the drug that deen takes for her diabetes. >> you're a paid spokesperson for novo nordisk? >> absolutely. i've been compensated. >> hours after paula deen broke the news, her fiercest critic, chef and tv host, anthony bourdain took to twitter to say, thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business so i can profitably sell crutches later and he spoke to a website saying when your signature dish is hamburger between a doe nutd and you've been cheerfully selling this stuff knowing a all along you've got type ii diabetes, it's in bad taste if nothing else. >> this is not first time that these famous foodies had a war of words. back in august, in a tv guide article, bourdain called deen, the worst, most dangerous person to america because of her
9:24 am
high-calorie dishes. in response, paula had this to say on fox. >> you know, i was actually kind of shocked, considering i've never met anthony. >> deen has built an empire on cooking butter-laden, sometimes fatty foods. >> for three years now she's been preaching excess and indulgence and living the good life. even though she herself should not or could not be living that life. to be dishonest with her viewership that long bothers people. to come out when you have a multimillion dollar deal in hand really bothers people. >> paula deen seemed open to change. she had this to say on a new website. in partnership with the diabetes drug company. >> together we're going to be here to provide you new ways to approach lighter cooking, while still keeping it fun and delicious. >> well we reached out to paula deen and anthony bourdain, botd have no comment. a spokesperson for deen said she will donate a percentage of her profits to the american diabetes association. it's got a lot of people talking.
9:25 am
>> it's going to be continued, no doubt. >> coming up, makeup and fashion for a lot less. >> but first your local news and weather. driver's license. past five years' tax returns. high school report cards. and i'm gonna need to see a receipt for that watch you're wearing. you know, you really should provide us with a checklist of documents we're gonna need up front. who do you think i am? quicken loans? at quicken loans, we provide a checklist of the mortgage documents you'll need up front. it helps keep you in the know every step of the way. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. it helps keep you in the know every step of the way. hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in little drops of milk chocolate. and cookies n creme. pure hershey's.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> cold start this morning. down in the teens for the time being cut are coming in from the great lakes. cold enough for snow. another one behind that. it will lead us into the weekend. du
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through my attempt to get pregnant through the third time through ivf, we sadly found out that i have early stages of breast cancer. so and it's been a shock. because i recently found this out. >> that was news anchor and reporter juliana rancic revealing her cancer battle on "today" this past october. well just weeks after a double mastectomy she was back on the red carpet for the golden globes looking spectacular, she'll be here along with her husband bill to tell us how she's doing tomorrow on "today." and also you did mention the golden globes, and of course we were all there and saw the red carpet looks in person. well we're about to do so again. if you want to look like the stars on the red carpet, but you don't want to pay the red carpet prices, we're going to show you
9:31 am
can dress like the stars without breaking the bank. we've picked up some great looks. >> i'm amazed that angelina jolie's dress looks just like the real thing. plus john f. kennedy junior was american royalty but was his life with his wife really a fairy tale? coming up a new book about the couple. and we're going to head into the kitchen. on the menu, a new and easy way to make pasta with versatile and easy-to-find wonton wrappers. >> gluten free, right? >> yes. >> coming up in just a little bit. a real treat in the fourth hour today, regis and kathie lee -- together again. this is very exciting. and kathie lee's mom is going to co-host the show because hoda has jury duty. >> but first let's do the weather. al! >> here's the forecast! we've got heavy rain making its way into the pacific northwest. so there will be some flood be
9:32 am
problems, arctic air coming into the plains. a lake-effect snow as a clipper comes across there. then as we move into tomorrow, the frigid air really makes its way into the midsection of the country. on into the great lakes. cold air in the northeast. showers and thunderstorms down through the lower gulf and mississippi river valley. and more wet weather out west. in the pacific northwest with winds. so they are going to have a miserable time. the rain will start to make its way down as far south as >> good morning. we will see plenty of sunshine to start the day. the clouds will thicken up this afternoon.
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[ female announcer ] aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. and for healthy, beautiful hair, try nourish plus haircare. only from aveeno. this morning on today's style. red carpet looks for less. on sunday night, your favorite celebrities dazzled everyone at the golden globes. showing off their high-priced designer dresses, shoes and jewelry. what can you do if you want to look just like them? today a "us weekly" contributor jill martin is here to show us how to get the looks for less. i cannot believe how fast they turn around the looks. it's fascinating. can everyone pull off these red carpet looks? or for some of them just red carpet only? >> they are inspired, so they take things from this. i think the whole process is so interesting. the company, safiana, they have a sketch pad in hand sunday night when we're all watching
9:38 am
and success to have the dresses ready. we're getting a first look. a lot of them are available. but a lot of them aren't. so it's taking the dresses, seeing what people can wear and then putting them into the actual dresses that people will buy. >> now i think the number one show-stopper on sunday night, most people thought was angelina jolie. >> i thought she was my top pick. >> she's always stunning. but i thought this dress, was especially gorgeous. and that just happens to be our first look-alike. you knew this was going to be, because she's always so simple, she was wearing atelier versace. which was custom-made for her. the jewelry, lorraine schwartz, 25 carats total. let's see the dress. wow, that really is close. >> it is. she's got the red lips to match. and the purse and the slit. this is fabiano, the dress is starting at $258. hers probably cost tens of
9:39 am
thousands of dollars. and it will be available in stores in six to eight weeks. >> beautiful. >> you see the detail and you see the earrings and the hair and you can get the look. this is something you could wear to black tie affair and not look like you're running the red carpet. >> and if you have long legs like the model, you can pull it off. a lot of people liked jessica alba. i saw her when al was interviewing her on the red carpet. >> this is mayte. she was in gucci. which is also custom-made. the shoes we ss were guisseppe. and this is a beaded embroidered lace chiffon dress. you see the detail is really there. >> it's very pretty and she pulled off the color as well. kind of the lavender pink color. >> which you have to want to rock that color. a lot of these dresses, younger
9:40 am
girls can get in on as well. and the shoes are nina shoes. you don't see lot of the shoes in a lot of the pictures, if you could just show us the shoes? >> they're comfortable and under $100. you can invest in them and wear them with a lot of outfits. >> it's not so memorable with th this dress is it's not like the angelina jolie dress. you can wear this dress on their own. >> mayte everyone, thank you. our next celebrity to be inspired is the beautiful charlize theron. >> her dress is dior haute couture. givenchy were the shoes and now let's bring out our model. this close and comes with the
9:41 am
pin. so just beautiful detail. again, this will be under $400. the jewelry, roberta chiarella. and even the head band. $40. this is just another way, obviously this is a little sectiony sexier, i wouldn't recommend it for a prom. >> if it has the plunging v, so people might feel more comfortable. i think charlize's v went down to the belly button. >> we know a lot of men would love to see that but this is more relatable. and the material doesn't wrinkle. which is great. >> let's get to our last look. which is stacy keebler, aka mrs. george clooney of the moment. she has the best accessory of the night, george clooney. she's in a really dress, in valentino. so it's $5,000, still expensive. but relatable and her dress was just so beautiful. and from the front, just a plain red dress. this is gena modeling the dress.
9:42 am
but let's take a look at the back. that was really the show stopper was the bow. for under $300. all available in four to six weeks, you can find out where to buy it. and can we embarrass you for one second? let's not. let's get the models out. show everybody out. these are some gorgeous ladies, beautiful ladies. red-carpet ready. >> and you looked beautiful as well. >> thank you so much. thanks, guys, you look fantastic. appreciate it. coming up next, an intimate looks at the last days of jfk junior and his wife, carolyn bessette. right after this. met. i took some steep risks in my teens. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack. why kid myself? diet and exercise weren't lowering my cholesterol enough. now i'm eating healthier, exercising more, taking lipitor. numbers don't lie. my cholesterol's stayed down. lipitor is fda approved
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go ahead. cheat on butter. you naughty thing. 126r7b8g9s years ago, the plane john f. kennedy junior was flying and with his wife and sister on board went down. now his long-time assistant, rose marie terenzio has written a book about john and carolyn's marriage. in an interview, she reveals that the relationship was troubled. in fact, carolyn almost didn't board the plane. nbc's tamrin hall has details. >> he was the reluctant prince of camelot who grew up before our eyes, when jfk junior often dubbed the most eligible bachelor in the world found a mate in a beautiful sophisticated new york fashion executive, the world took notice. >> john and carolyn were one of the most famous couples on the planet. >> in a new book, "fairy tale interrupted," john's assistant,
9:47 am
rose marie terenzio, sau says there was more to the couple than their public persona. she writes, john was more than a mannequin of good looks and privilege. carolyn was not this uptight, cold and guarded person. >> sometimes he was incredibly sweet and genuine. she was a real person. very motherly with her friends. very caring. >> the author spoke to "people" magazine about the book, in which she reveals, despite being one of the most photographed couples in the world, even john and carolyn were surprised by the attention their 1996 wedding, a secret affair, generated. >> they called rose marie and they said, did it make the papers? and she said, are you kidding me, it's everywhere. >> but terenzio says things weren't always perfect. >> it was difficult for carolyn to get used to being in the limelight. i think she did need some empathy on his part. >> rose marie said by the summer of '99 the couple's relationship was strained. she said carolyn did not want to attend his cousin's wedding in cape cod. according to the magazine, she
9:48 am
told rose marie, i'm not a priority, it's always something else, "george," john's magazine. somebody getting fired, a trip to meet advertisers. >> that morning, rose marie spoke to carolyn and told her she thought she should go it was a family wedding and she thought she should be there. >> carolyn did join john that day in july of 1999 accompanied by her sister, lauren. the three never made it to their destination, when john, the pilot, lost control of his plane in heavy fog. >> nbc news has learned that a small plane being piloted by john f. kennedy junior has been reported missing. >> rose marie was staying at the couple's apartment when she got the call. she writes, i thought about my last conversation with carolyn. and how i'd told her to get on the plane. oh god. >> 12 years later, rose marie does regret that they had that conversation. but i think one thing she feels is that carolyn bessette in the end did what she wanted to do. >> for "today," tamryn hall, nbc news, new york.
9:49 am
>> we did reach out to the kennedy family for reaction, but did not hear back. the bessette family declined to comment. coming up, we'll head into the kitchen for a unique way to make ravioli, with wonton wrappers. but first, this is "today" on nbc. @
9:50 am
9:51 am
today's cooking school is brought to you by i can't believe it's not butter. good morning, on today's cooking school, how to make wonton ravioli, if you're looking for a new twist on a pasta favorite, maybe this just what you need to satisfy those carb cravings. roger is the host of the cooking channel show, "everyday exotic." and also the author of the cookbook, "everyday exotic." it's an asian-fusion thing. italian meets asian. >> i found lot of times people get stuck in a food rut.
9:52 am
and they want to adventure out, but don't have time to sit down and make the pasta. so we come up with tricks and treats to make fresh food quick. >> you're using wonton wrappers? >> yes. >> you're going to help me out. for the filling, what are we using? >> a mix of pork and beef. you can use whatever you want. veal and turkey, you go crazy and have fun with it. we're going to add some chopped sage. a little bit of finely chopped shallots. love the garlic. you can also puree the garlic, i just chopped this fine. and asiago cheese. so it's a nice, sharp cheese. that's going to be going in and mixing it up. if you mix it up. we'll get cracking on some of these wraps, okay? these are regular flour, wonton wraps. they're square ones, there are round ones. some are thinner, thicker. find one that you like. i like the one that's a little bit thicker because it holds up to the boiling. i'm going to brush it like so.
9:53 am
>> egg wash? >> yeah, this is egg wash, right. you're doing good there, al, you've done this before. >> i've been on tv before. >> do you do cooking at home? >> i do, actually. i do. >> that's good. >> you've got your mix. >> take a little bit of this mix and you don't want to get too crazy with it. put your little bit. and i'm going to show you a little trick. it's something i learned in junior high school. now i was the guy in junior high school, in the back of the class making rude noises. it's a fact. >> i knew you! >> yeah. >> i was the trouble. so grab it like this. and i'm going to show you a little secret, okay? now you're going it take the second wrapper, put it on top. what you're going to do is like the rude little kid in the back of the class. you take and you -- seal into little air pocket. blllllp.
9:54 am
>> in one swoop you've taken all the air bubbles out of it. and you could go around, but that takes forever. and this is more fun. >> you get the kids involved. once you've got those done. >> once you've got those done, you put them in boiling salted water. the salt will come from here. so we just have these ral yoefis. if you don't want as much of the dough, you can take a cutter and cut it off. you can get mostly meat if that's what you're looking for. you can use mushrooms and make vegetarian version. >> this is apple cider glaze. 100% good quality apper cider and a good rack of cracked pepper. >> you just boil it down until it starts to double bubble. really quick bubbles. it will add a nice sweetness to cut against the sharpness of the cheese. shall let's bring that back. >> what do we have back here? >> back here. >> hold on, hold on!
9:55 am
>> wow. >> unbelievable! >> you're part of history here, roger! >> unbelievable. >> you are the handsome guy, i tell you! >> oh, my gosh! >> what's going on over here? al roker, offices and hallways and doors to get here! >> this is going to be such a great hour. >> matt lauer was going -- >> what do we do? >> we've got some wonton wrappers. >> i am. >> i know how you are. >> the only thing i trust is a little piece of this. >> i'm sorry! >> coming up next -- >> are we
9:56 am
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